Saturday, July 6, 2013

@#@ Bax Scrubb Shower Pad "Twin-Pack" (pronounced Back Scrub)

#2 Bax Scrubb Shower Pad "Twin-Pack" (pronounced Back Scrub)

About This ProductInquire name. Bax Scrubb Shower Pad "Twin-Pack" (pronounced Back Scrub)May be at the product you are looking for.
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Guide the data. Bax Scrubb Shower Pad "Twin-Pack" (pronounced Back Scrub)

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Bax Scrubb Shower Pad "Twin-Pack" (pronounced Back Scrub) The Bax ScrubbTM shower pad is unlike any other back brush or back scrubber you've ever tried, because it cleans and exfoliates in half the time, with superior results, and it feels really good.
If you can't bend, wet it and drop it, (rubber side down) on the shower floor, drizzle liquid soap on it, and rub your feet back and forth against it.
*Make sure to rinse your feet completely of soap before stepping from pad, to avoid slipping and falling.
It is suitable for:
athletes * gardeners * hikers and campers * people with physically demanding or dirty jobs * larger people who have a hard time bending or twisting * the physically challenged due to arthritis, back or neck pain * diabetics who need to stimulate their feet on a daily basis * kids (5+) and adults who enjoy the beach and go barefoot a lot * teenagers who suffer with acne on their shoulders and back * post-op women who have undergone breast augmentation and find it difficult to lift their arms * mothers-to-be who have temporary limited mobility * relieving dry winter itch and peeling sunburned backs * the elderly who need to feel safe in the tub, and when transferring to and from the bed, bath, and wheelchair *

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